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On May 25, "15 years of brilliance - witnessing the most cost-effective brand" and the 2015 national investment promotion conference of Easley wardrobe were grandly held in Crowne Plaza Foshan

on May 25, "brilliant 15 years - witness the most cost-effective brand" and the 2015 national investment promotion conference of Easley wardrobe were grandly held in Crowne Plaza Foshan. Qiu Xiaoyi, marketing director of Easley wardrobe, said in an interview with Netease home that at this stage, the concept of "big home" is popular, but Easley will not blindly follow the trend, focus on returning to the core of marketing, and pay close attention to the changes in user needs and user habits, so as to realize the products to keep pace with the times. He believes that at this stage, enterprises are constantly coming in and falling down, and they are in the accelerated stage of industry reshuffle and constantly adapting to customer needs. In the face of an increasingly fierce market, we should, in the final analysis, strengthen the internal strength of the enterprise

Qiu Xiaoyi, marketing director of Easley wardrobe

Shanghai Construction Expo starts the "big player" brand strategic alliance

Netease home: Qiu Zonghao. What activities will your company plan for the next Shanghai Construction Expo

Qiu Xiaoyi: in this Shanghai Construction Expo, we formed an alliance with other brands through the platform of Guangdong wardrobe industry association to be a "big player" concept in the form of an overall big home. The way of big players is to play. Through the crowdfunding of more than a dozen enterprises, the brand alliance is displayed, aiming to publicize the brand of Ashley wardrobe through the platform of Shanghai Construction Expo. In terms of products, we don't plan to show them, mainly to spread our brand's strategic significance, enterprise development prospects, and our views on the future

Netease home: what do you think of the strategic significance of participating in the Shanghai Construction Expo

Qiu Xiaoyi: in my opinion, we should first consider the current status and positioning of Easley. We have done a good job in the second and third tier markets. The customer groups are concentrated in the range of 25 to 40 years old. The young generation of personalized middle-class families, we will offset the region according to such customer positioning, and will increase publicity efforts in the northwest, the coastal areas north of the Yangtze River, Shanghai, etc., in order to more effectively seize this group of users. Therefore, the Shanghai Construction Expo is only the first step for us to do this, and we will do more investment fairs in the next step. Through the investment promotion meeting in the activity area, the investment promotion will be more landing, and the reputation and brand hardness of the enterprise brand will be established

Netease home: what is your company's expectation of the effect of the first Shanghai Construction Expo

Qiu Xiaoyi: through the Construction Expo, we can promote our brand in a deeper and multi-dimensional way, and we will also do a lot of preparatory work. For us, the Shanghai Construction Expo is more a channel for brand publicity and investment promotion, and the first step in our exploration of updating the investment promotion model in Shanghai

Netease home: is there any activity plan for the Guangzhou Construction Expo in July

Qiu Xiaoyi: through the two national investment fairs in Guangzhou and Foshan, combined with the full preparation and foreshadowing of the Shanghai Construction Expo in early June, we will hold another national investment fair in July, which also coincides with the Guangzhou Construction Expo and our dealer conference. In addition, because of the strategic significance of this year, we have readjusted. In terms of investment attraction, we are more interested in convening more franchisees through our own resources and platforms. Our theme of investment attraction this year is to make investment attraction more landing. We will spend more effort on brand promotion and publicity in Shanghai Construction Expo. We will also promote in some stores and markets nearby in the form of Foshan station of today's China Merchants fair to attract more interested dealers

in 2015, Ashley wardrobe achieved steady performance growth

Netease home: what are the development goals of Ashley this year

Qiu Xiaoyi: our goal this year is to achieve sustained and steady high-speed performance growth, which is one of the goals of our enterprise. At the same time, we will also increase the marketing and promotion efforts to enhance the brand terminal influence of Ashley wardrobe. As for investment promotion, the company will also increase investment promotion efforts this year to improve the quality of investment promotion. As for our direction, we will give full play to and manage our own advantages, and highlight our direction through internal reform

Netease home: what is the channel layout of Easley wardrobe this year? Will more franchised stores be opened in second and third tier cities

Qiu Xiaoyi: we will do more layout and open more franchised stores. It is conservatively estimated that we will open more than 80 franchised stores nationwide this year. For the second and third tier cities, we will continue to make efforts this year to improve the layout of blank areas with strong market demand

"Internet +" attack, solid enterprise internal skills is the key

Netease home: now the concept of "Internet +" is very popular in the home industry. In the Internet era, has Easley adjusted its new marketing model

Qiu Xiaoyi: I don't think Internet + and o2o are the wind blowing in the past two years. To be exact, it may be a channel for our marketing. In the final analysis, we still need to strengthen the internal strength of the enterprise. In a more intense market environment, we still need to invest more energy in finding our customers. Where are our customers, why do customers buy our products, what kind of customers we want to catch, and what our competitors are doing, we still need to study these problems. In the face of these trends, Easley would rather spend more energy on studying these core marketing issues. But for Internet + and o2o, EASTLEY will also invest energy to do it. Our focus will be on opening up online and offline channels, so as to strengthen our brand promotion. For example, in large-scale national activities, we will do copywriting, online promotion, offline cooperation, and publicity through various media channels, so as to realize the interactive connection and experience exchange between end customers and exclusive stores. Through these forms, we will reflect our o2o and strive to open up this channel

competition in the customization industry is intense. Product development needs to pay close attention to user habits.

Netease home: customized wardrobe is one of the hot words in the industry. At present, there are still many unavoidable problems in the customized wardrobe industry, such as the lack of customization standards. So how do you view the market challenges and opportunities of the customized wardrobe industry

Qiu Xiaoyi: now many enterprises have put forward the concept of big home, but we can't blindly follow the trend. We still need to return to the core of marketing, who are our customers, our customers' consumption habits, and whether their consumption status has changed. We need to pay close attention to these changes in order to make our products keep pace with the times. We can't make changes that don't meet the needs of users. This is hitting our own feet. At present, the demand of our customers at EASTLEY is slowly changing from customized wardrobe to customized home, which has not fully reached the stage of large home, so our focus in the past two years will be on the stage of customized home

Netease home: what market challenges do you think the customized wardrobe industry is facing

Qiu Xiaoyi: customized home furnishing, I think it will gradually become a white hot competition. After the white hot competition, it will wash away many small brands, and the homogenization of products is becoming more and more serious. It has no competitive advantage of its own. After their R & D, backstage and development can't keep up, the enterprise will decline. In this state, it must find its own positioning and competitive advantage, So the challenge is to lose your competitive advantage at any time. The development of enterprises must redefine their competitive advantages, adhere to their own positioning and give full play to their advantages. I think this stage is a stage in which enterprises come in and fall constantly, which is a stage in which the industry shuffles and accelerates the adaptation to customer needs

"5S" Easley profit model helps dealers develop

Netease home: at today's meeting, you mentioned the "5S Easley profit model". Can you explain this model in detail

Qiu Xiaoyi: 5S Easley's profit model includes five elements: image, team, daily management, active marketing and terminal standardization, which constitute the most basic elements of a franchise store. 5S profit model is a simple, effective and reproducible model that we have explored for many years. Ashley has developed for more than ten years, and also has some own management experience and management mode. On this basis, we draw lessons from and combine the experience of other industry development stages, and summarize a set of simple and effective management methods belonging to Ashley, which are copied to the store. To go further, we should divide the dealers nationwide into three categories: Class A dealers, class B dealers and class C dealers. Class A is our big business, class B is our middle dealer, and class C is our basic dealer. Each type of dealer has its own unique operation mode and specification, and has its own 5S

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