Yuxiu embroidered wall cloth colors the home with

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2019 Yuxiu embroidered wall cloth uses the simplest plain color wall cloth for you to create an extraordinary ordinary life! Let life be sweet and beautiful

"the more simple, the less simple" is especially true for the wall cloth

you can play with the collision of colors or the mixing and matching of patterns.

if you meet someone who doesn't understand "appreciation", just say

"what do you know, this is fashion",

2019 Royal show uses the simplest plain wall cloth for you,

to create the extraordinary of ordinary life! Let life be sweet and beautiful

Life is a journey to

experience to learn and to enjoy.

Qingcheng No.2 book

simple but not simple

under the seemingly simple appearance, it often reflects a hidden aristocratic temperament

deep in the heart, like those clean and elegant color systems, plain, is true, is simple

use plain wall cloth to pave and create a quiet and peaceful environment with your heart. There is no noise, only the years are quiet and good

today, many people are pursuing minimalism, especially in the field of home decoration. They like simple and generous decoration. At this time, plain wall cloth has become people's favorite

Royal show, as a national brand, takes "inheriting the quintessence of embroidery and promoting embroidery culture" as its mission, inherits and absorbs the essence of Suzhou embroidery and Hangzhou embroidery, and spreads China's "embroidery" culture around the world

(image and text source: Yuxiu soft clothing, invasion and deletion)





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